Located in Chicago's Lake View, Wakamono is a casual dining neighborhood restaurant by 30 year ocean stowaway Kai Togami.


Kai Togami became an orphan when a tsunami washed his remote fishing village into the sea off the coast of Okinawa in 1963. 

When ships arrived with international aid he was hungry for more than just food. With his eyes set on the horizons ahead of him, he snuck aboard as a stowaway. His nearly 30 year journey on the high seas and far off edges of the world was not easy but inspirational. Shaped by courage and determination he was a restless boy who raised himself into a man of adventure. 

Today, Mr. Togami lives in the neighborhood and still owns and captains this restaurant which is inspired by his travels. He and his wife Miyuki enjoy writing poetry, drinking tea and sailing on his days off.



(773) 296-6800



3313 N. Broadway St.
@ Aldine St.

Chicago, Illinois 60657



Open 7 days a week
4pm - 11pm